The management game "TOPSIM-General Management” is an it-based simulation of company structures and procedures designed for learning and practising managerial ways of thinking and acting.

This computer-aided management simulation game represents a model of the business operations in an industrial enterprise. Participants take on the role of the board of directors and have to make decisions concerning all aspects of managing an industrial enterprise (purchasing, staffing, production, investments, marketing, R&D, accounting, finance and strategy). The groups compete against each other and have to cope with challenging scenarios.

This allows the students to familiarise themselves with how the business world works whilst working together in small groups.



Winter semester 22/23

Also in the winter semester 22/23, the business simulation "TOPSIM-General Management" for the bachelor program will be held as a semester-long event by the Institute for Corporate Management (ifu). Registration for the business simulation (01.10. to 19.10.2022, 9.00 a.m.) is possible via the link in the information document for the module. The number of participants for the simulation is limited to 100 for the German simulation and 50 for the English simulation. Information on the schedule and the link to register for the "Management Game" is available here.  The initial session will take place on 14.10. 2022 from 10.00 - 11.30 a.m. in lecture hall GD 03/230.