The institute's research focuses on subjects of an interdisciplinary nature and great practical relevance.

The current main research fields are:

  • Finance and Capital
    International accounting (IFRS & US GAAP)
    Business valuation and analysis
    Value-based control concepts
    Corporate accounting
    Impact of taxation on business decisions and tax planning
    Economic analysis of tax law
    Accounting and enforcement
  • Markets and Industries
    Transformation of the German public health care system
    Price management on B2B markets
    Customer relationship management
    Efficiency of marketing
  • Products and Processes
    Optimisation of engineering processes
    Management of hybrid services
    Operations and service management
    Supply chain management
    Product lifecycle management
  • Knowlegde and Decisions
    Information management and knowledge management
    Business process management
    Business intelligence and data warehousing
    Optimal decisions under uncertainty
    Operations research
    IT security, E-Learning, E-Health